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Corporate Commitment

We are committed to provide timely, superior and safe temperature controlled and Dry Freight transportation throughout North America and Mexico by adhering to the goal of excellence through continuous improvement in our administrative and operational strategies with effective execution with a view to outperform competition.

Hazard Identification and Assessment

We stand in compliance to Canada Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.
We have analyzed each hazard in the workplace and implemented systems which achieve the highest standards of safety.
Our workshop has a systematic work flow with well documented each process. Working in coordination with the Labor Board, we have implemented Health and Safety Program in all spheres of our operations.
Our aim is to ensure that all employees, contractors and visitors are safe while working for or visiting HGC premises.

Hazard Control

Hazard identification and assessment leads to Hazard Control. Every process of our work and operational flow has an inbuilt Hazard Control. Instead of waiting for an unsafe incident, we recognize the possible hazards.
We stress on three point contact entry and exit from the truck. Use of Safety shoes, Safety Glasses and Safety Vests is mandatory where required.

Driver Recruitment

Shortage of good drivers is becoming a universal issue. We do not compromise in standards to accept below standard drivers. Our hiring process is a two step induction; initial road test is followed by Defensive Driving Training and a complete orientation. Drivers and owner operators are explained all relevant Company Policies which is a one day process. The training is documented. This is followed by monitoring the performance.
We tap various sources for driver recruitment. Apart from seeking drivers from within Canada, we also hire drivers from international source. Regardless of the source, we provide state of the art training to our drivers and owner operators. We create a nice blend of driver teams and stress on team etiquettes.

Our account department ensures timely payments to the Drivers and Owner Operators. Direct deposit is also available on request.
We have bonuses in place for our drivers. These bonuses are performance based and go a long way in staying compliant with the Safety Regulations.

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